Cabanas Tierra Mistica

Cabanas Tierra Mistica
Cabanas Tierra Mistica

Cabanas Tierra Mistica

<span class="ta-rev"><b>celeste2145: Smokey, and Dirty</b><br />If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, do not stay here! Every thing is saturated. The cabanas are very dirty, probably the dirtiest place we have stayed, anywhere! It is too bad, the<br /><br /></span><span class="ta-rev"><b>J_Roswelt: Wonderful time there…</b><br />Wonderful time there and our stay in the cabins was beautiful!! Everyone there was sweet, attentive, helpful and friendly – especially Jorge, who was very nice with us in every way and explained us<br /><br /></span>
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  • Tipologia: Hotel
  • Valutazione località: 5 / 55
  • Indice di popolarita': 94